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AI Tech North

A Collaborative Platform For AI 

AI Tech North is a fun-filled and informative movement based in the North of England discussing Artificial Intelligence, data trends and innovative technologies!

It is a platform for passionate and enthusiastic professionals. Bringing together hustlers, enablers, thinkers and disrupters! We have several exciting tech events planned for 2020, check them out by visiting our Events page.

We believe in AI for people, AI for good. Together, we are bringing innovations of tomorrow, today!

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Innovation Exchange

A Digital Channel open to all for anything innovative!

We went with the approach that being challenged is inevitable but being defeated is not an option! Hence as an events community, we started a Digital Channel open to all for anything innovative.

Topics ranging from AI to SmartCities, Blockchain to Fintech.  


We are providing virtual access to our innovative community and the opportunity to engage with experts. A channel created to address the demand for digital innovation, exchange ideas, and inspire with thought-provoking solutions. We are inviting everyone to partake, contribute, and enjoy the innovation exchange! 

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Public Intelligence

Practical Ethics Framework & Tool 

With our intelligence, we have built our long-lasting ecosystems, our societies and even the wonders of the world to last for generations to come!

Public Intelligence is a public vote to make sure all innovations are people-centric! Empowering everyone to build accountable and sustainable futures with new innovations!

A democratic movement to bring the right to intelligence, fairness, sustainability and accountability with technology.

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