Sherin Mathew
Jan 26

Layouts Never Looked So Good


Go for a stunning Card layout or a sleek Classic look and make it yours. Whichever layout you choose, your forum’s sure to standout.

Card layouts are perfect for showing off images and a Classic layout is great for posts which are mainly text.

Sep 4

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Oct 7

Thank you for the information provided.

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  • Sherin Mathew
    Sep 28

    See when people are active on your forum with real-time updates. It’s an easy way to follow the discussion and never miss a thing. Experience everything on your forum in real time! Wix Forum’s fun, live typing indicator lets you see when people are active in a discussion.
  • Sherin Mathew
    Jan 26

    There’s no limit to how many categories you can create, so go wild - add as many as you want! Head to Settings > Categories to get started. Whether your forum discusses sports, business, products, services, or anything else, adding categories helps you organize discussions. Create a list of category discussions that are logical, relevant and easy for your forum members to follow.
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