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A Digital Community To Empower Innovative Ideas.

We went with the approach that being challenged is inevitable but being defeated is not an option! As an events community, we started a Digital Channel open to all for anything innovative. 


Showcasing innovative capabilities to leaders, learners, strategists and technologists together with a common interest in Advanced Innovation!

Topics ranging from AI to SmartCities, Blockchain to Fintech. 

Are you passionate about tech and would like to lead Innovation with us?

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  • Invest, engage and reap the rewards

  • Support with Business Development driving revenue together with a focus on a specific industry or technology

  • Manage a certain client engagement introduced by the partner

  • Introductions to new Sponsors, partners, and speakers

Commitment Level: Very low (1-2 hours a month)

Be an Ambassador

  • Evangelise technology, share thought leadership and content

  • Develop the community together

  • Engage with clients and wider communities

  • Support the growth and spread the awareness

  • Identify Speakers and Sponsors

  • Key an eye out for partnership, investment, scale-up opportunities

Commitment Level: Low (1-2 hours a week)

Be a Speaker

  • Expert in a technology aligned to Innovation Exchange themes 

  • Challenge and inspire the audience to with their unique content 

  • Have a good knowledge of business products, latest technologies and it's value proposition

  • Lead the industry trends locally and internationally

  • Connect with other influential speakers and support the event

  • Increase the community base and the technology awareness 

Commitment Level: Medium (2-3 hours for an event)

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We are providing virtual access to our innovative community and the opportunity to engage with experts. A channel created to address the demand for digital innovation, exchange ideas, and inspire with thought-provoking solutions. We are inviting everyone to partake, contribute, and enjoy the innovation exchange!