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UST-Global’s UK Data Services team have built a rich dataset reporting on the UK Covid-19 pandemic.

This includes: 
•    Daily and cumulative incidence rates of Covid-19
•    NHS 111 and 999 Covid-19
triage rates
•    Population ethnicity, deprivation and age breakdowns at a small area level
Prescribing rates and costs for all morbidity groupings at a small area level
Business impact by industry sector

AI Tech North and UST-Global are collaborating for the first-ever global data hackathon. UST-Global is providing an exclusive opportunity to yield more insights into how to mitigate, manage, and plan responses to the pandemic more effectively from both a population and economic perspective. 

in partnership with


•    Workforce census profiles at a small area level 

•    Furlough rates by geography and industry sector

•    Location and size of Care Homes

•    FTSE-100 stock market data

•    Companies Houses data

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Data Visualisations

We have collated together many sources of data, linked and enriched this data with deep insights, and are using these to develop further insights. 


UST- Global now has a more data-driven approach to managing their businesses in these challenging and ever-changing times.

We invite you to have a scroll through their insights:

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